About Amazon Alexa

With the power of AI reaching the hand of people by different means (Active or Passive formats) Amazon presented the world with an AI bot named “Alexa”.

Alexa is a bot for the user who actively participate to take care of users need.

Few activities that can be done by Alexa are:

  • Voice greetings
  • Voice command Intraction
  • Smart Home Controls
  • Booking an Uber/Ola
  • Ordering the food
  • Searching and Ordering stuffs on Amazon
  • Keeping track of the package
  • Keeping track of reminders
  • ……………
  • …………..
  • And many more

What is an Alexa Skills

All the activities performed by the Amazon Alexa is performed by the skills “Enabled” by the user. Each of the skill  contains one or more codes to handle some need of the user (from greeting “Hello” to Booking a Cab can be anything.

What we will see here

We will look into the following here:

  • Starting with the first Alexa Skill App Creation
  • Learn about End Point in Amazon AWS
  • Multi Language Support
  • Apply for certification
  • Track the live skills analytics

So let us start with the first one that is Starting with the first Alexa Skill App Creation


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